By working closely with your design team, we can provide your project with a world-class, balcony railing system that enhances the aesthetics of your building at a price that won’t hurt your budget.

From initial design concept through final, engineering, shop drawings, fabrication, metal finishing, and expert field installation of our systems, our clients recieve the best products & the shortest lead times.

Guard rails are design elements that serve to keep building occupants safe. Hansen products provide a high level of safety while providing a unique signature to the project’s exterior. Yes, you can have both.

We thrive in an environment where we can collaborate with the architects, developers, and contractors for whom we join to construct truly great buildings. Product development is in our DNA.

Curve Railing

Curve Railing

We offer you a variety of designs including Curved Railing. Contact us and let us know us your desired design, we strive to make it come alive.
Stainless Cable Railing

Stainless Cable Railing

Here at David Viera LLC, we work diligently to reach your desired design. We are able to create Stainless Cable Railing converting your area space into a sophisticated place. All throughout our 15 years of experience we’ve worked with the goal to accomplish your long-awaited design.
Iron Wood Railing

Iron Wood Railing

Keep tradition while giving it a modern twist with our Iron and Wood Railings. Here at David Viera LLC. We are specialized in all types of railings and have over 15 years of experience ready to put all our knowledge into your project.
Stainless Steel Bar Railing

Stainless Steel Bar Railing

Transcend tradition and give your railing a trendy appearance with a Stainless Steel Railing. David Viera LLC, is prepared to put all of our skills and knowledge into your project.
Glass Railing

Glass Railing

David Viera LLc,can make your dreams happen with tempered Glass Railings utilizing sand blasted design or color laminated glass to make your project unique and gorgeous. Railings are available with various hardware options.
Commercial Railing

Commercial Railing

Here at David Viera LLC, we work to have the railings to be decorative and functional while harmonizing with any environment present. Commercial Railing is fit to complement your business space to create an impact at first sight.

About Us

David Viera LLC has been manufacturing the highest quality of STAIRCASE RAILING products and components for over 15 years in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. We work directly with owners, builders, contractors, architects and interior designers to bring their visions to reality.
By working directly with the manufacturer, our clients benefit from greater control and flexibility, streamlined delivery times and significant cost savings.

Our designs create a dialogue between spaces by using the language of both technology and the imagination. Every project brings something new.



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To succeed every kind of invention is allowed for us. We vary from glass turning into rock, steel becoming transparent and rural wood that will make you dream of ancient worlds. You can make your dream come true by being part of your own design.

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Robert Kuciewicz
Lauderdale Isles, Ft Lauderdale
2017-05-15, 00:00
Absolutely stunning work!!! David is not only a craftsman at what he does, he cares about the customer and strives to make them happy by jobs end. … read more